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Project Details

  • Client: PeoFree Pty Ltd.
  • Date Released: 01 Sep. 2015
  • Tags: Hostware, Marketing, unique, business, Development, Design

PeoFree has been providing reliable, trusted solutions to organizations of all sizes and strategies since 2015. Across industry verticals and service practices, PeoFree has developed specific competences in security, usability, productivity, and enterprise manageability to ensure that its customers spend less on keeping their applications up and running, and more on getting ahead of the competition. In addition to world-class software, PeoFree’s Consulting Services team employs a specialized, scalable, and repeatable project management methodology to ensure that your software implementation is on time and on budget.

PeoFree’s specialists work with clients to define requirements, organize resources, plan, and closely track progress on software development.

PeoFree’s product development process is guided by a formal validation process, where we meet with clients and prospective clients to fully understand their business operations, their software needs, and the challenges they face in the market. This feedback is used to ensure that the software we develop meets the real-world needs. PeoFree engagement model is based on long term strategic partnership relationships with its customers. It has thus since 2015 amassed a list of industry-leading repeat customers.

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