About Us

About Us

Believing in the human capabilities as the main endeavor for any organization success, the company is founded by a selective group of IT engineers, who gain their experience through a combination of continuous learning and studying within the academic field, as well through big projects of governmental entities . From the same perception, PeoFree® keeps on the same track while hiring its technical and administrative staff . We can - proudly - say that our team is a selective group, each in his / her specialty .

Mostafa has been CEO of PeoFree since May 2015. Under his leadership PeoFree has an ambitious vision to increase its positive social impact for PeoFree .

ENG. Mostafa Taia


Yara was appointed a Executive Manager of PeoFree in May 2015. She is also a member of PeoFree’s Corporate Responsibility Committee.

ENG. Yara Farag

Executive Manager

Khaled is an Sales manager ...

Mr. Khaled Amine

Head of Sales

Mahi is a corporate Social Media Specialist who works in PeoFree with high demand and so on...

Ms. Mahitab Maged

Social Media

What Our Clients Said

We've made this section to tell everyone how we love our clients and how they love us in return. When you create a nice item, people will talk about it and will tell you how great it is so Testimonials are the best place to put these nice words on your website...

PeoFree is the most unique corporate which I’ve ever seen on Middle East! It also has a great support team which is awesome!

John Doe - CEO at World Design Center

This is gonna be a revolution in Online Creative work!

Julie Doe - Director of Marketing at Marketing Heros

The people who are going to make new website on the first days are good people who doesn't know what to do and doing things is very important in our century without letting me know this is important!

Steve Doe - CEO at Buy a Cell Phone

People Who Trusted Us

We are so proud of our clients and our partners. In the following carousel we'll show our visitors how many great clients or partners we have. It's a great thing to tell people who are trusting you and it will lead to more happy clients for sure...